Must-Have Kitchen Tools

All kitchens need their selection of essential and basic tools that help it run like clockwork.

Chef’s Knife
So high quality are these that just one will satisfy all cutting needs, and can be used every time the chef cooks, for years to come.

cookingCutting Board
It is one of the most basic tools in a kitchen’s arsenal. It too tends to be used every time the chef cooks. It should be dishwasher safe and odor-resistant to ensure it will last a long time.

Can Opener
A multifunction can opener should also always be present. At least pulling tabs, crowns caps, unscrewing tops, and opening jar lids should all be part of its repertoire.

Measuring Cups
Can’t make it perfect without measuring cups. Thankfully, from great design, and with a wide range of portion sizes can come measuring cup kits. They are stackable and can be frustration free if the right set is chosen.

Measuring Spoons
As companions to Measuring Cups, come these. They can be made of stainless steel, can be magnetic and nested so that they are never separated and lost, dishwasher safe, and double sided in order to accommodate liquids and solids.

Glass Mixing Bowls
These never absorb stains or odors, and stack for easy storage. They are great for mixing ingredients, or storing them away after preparation.

Vegetable Peeler
Reduces the time you spend peeling vegetables and fruits.

The only draining tool for after a hard boil. Allows for the safe draining of recently boiled vegetables and pasta.

Potato Masher
The ideal tool to mash any ingredient or vegetable, not just potatoes.