The world seems like a smaller place every day with the encroachment of social media and technology into every niche of people’s lives. The level of separation between people’s professional and private lives gets smaller all the time (regnskapsforerportalen). Technology allows people to remain at arm’s length from their contacts while simultaneously enabling an unparalleled level of intimacy. This is both good and bad for businesses and customers.

While positive reviews generate increases in business, negative reviews are also available to anyone who looks, forcing businesses to improve customer service. When searching for business professionals to fulfill specific needs, word of mouth is a sure thing. Research is the way to start. If looking for top accounting firms, it would be wise to speak to a business professional.

The process

There’s a process for everything in today’s fast-paced world, including finding an accountant ( Researching online is a basic first step, speaking to friends to find out their opinions on top accounting firms is another, and calling an accounting firm or speaking to a professional in the business is a third. It’s like the old story about hairdressers: if you walk into a barber shop and there are only two hairdressers – one with a beautiful haircut and one with an inferior cut – which one do you pick? Well first you ask the one with the nice haircut whether or not they cut their own hair. If the answer is no, then pick the other hairdresser. Business professionals know each other; they know reputations and possibly have even worked together in the past. If you want to know the down and dirty about a top accounting firm, ask their rivals.

The decision

Once you are narrowing down the research, it becomes a matter of choice. Even the top accounting firms in the city are not the best choice if you cannot establish a solid working relationship. If the accounting firm or professional does not provide the right fit for your personal or business finances, then it is unlikely that you will have a mutually beneficial relationship. Meet with each professional you are considering before making a final decision. This is likely to be a long-term relationship and should be approached with more caution than dating. People often date for years before deciding to commit to a permanent relationship, but some never meet the professionals who are directly responsible for their financial solvency ( If this sounds risky, it should.

The relationship

After making the decision, it is time to establish and maintain a relationship with the professionals at the top accounting firm that made the cut. Asking for regular updates is a way of keeping the firm accountable; it acts the same way as posting online reviews. It can go further than that, too. Make friends with your financial professionals, link to them online or follow them on social media. If they are emotionally invested in you, as well as financially, then you are likely to have a better outcome. The firm knows that word of mouth is their best advertising and wants to keep your business. They want to keep their customers satisfied so they can continue working together for a long time-that’s what makes them the top accounting firm