More about the log burners

If it is a new build project, you will need a flue anyway to be log burners as part of the process. If you have an existing chimney, make sure the flue is fully functional; otherwise, have it replaced by the log burners. These days wood burning stove installations are done with stainless steel flues most of the time. Ask your service provider for the best advice in this regard.

With their experience about log burners, they will know what the best options are. You want to remember that the company that does the installation for you come recommended or is known in your area – also that they can advise you about future maintenance issues. The best still is to find an installer that offers these services as well. It is always easier to deal on an ongoing basis with a company you know and like.

Finding the best log burners does not have to be too difficult. Look at websites. That should give you a good indication of what type of work firms are capable of.